Diversity Day Encourages Conversations at Choate

This Monday, January 20th, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the Choate community will participate in our annual Diversity Day. The program is designed to reflect and improve social activism in our personal lives as it translates to equity and inclusion across campus and beyond.

Choate students, faculty, and staff will welcome Dr. Liza Talusan as this year's Diversity Day keynote speaker. Dr. Talusan is an activist and educator dedicated to strengthening cultural competence skills. She was also a consultant featured in, I'm Not Racist, Am I?, a documentary presented during last year's Diversity Day program prompting meaningful discussions about the power of race.

Dr. Talusan will address the Choate community with a thought-provoking workshop titled, "Engaging in Difficult Conversations". She will discuss why having difficult conversations is important and how to manage them skillfully and thoughtfully. Along with her keynote, Dr. Talusan will join student workshops throughout the day, designed to support many uncomfortable topics and turning such discussions into actionable practices.

Choate Rosemary Hall continues to facilitate and encourage conversations which enrich our multicultural school community.