Health Center Staff Administer Wallingford Vaccines

This January, the Choate Health Center staff began assisting the Town of Wallingford Health Department in vaccine distribution. The collaborative initiative was organized by Dr. Miriam Cohen, Choate Rosemary Hall Medical Director, and Anne Bernick, Wallingford Health Department Public Health Nurse serving the Wallingford Senior Center.

Choate Rosemary Hall registered nurses volunteer one day per week at the senior center with other nurses and EMTs staffing the vaccination effort. Among the health center staff volunteering to crush COVID-19 are Karen Klein, Kaytie Bengtson, and Stephanie Burghart. Some of the first to be vaccinated by Choate volunteers were firefighters and seniors. Wallingford vaccines are currently being administered to seniors aged seventy-five and older by appointment only. As of early February, 816 people have been vaccinated at the senior center. Distribution is available at the senior center and at clinics, and is based on vaccine allotment to the town. This week's clinic plans to deliver another 270 vaccines.

Since last fall, Dr. Cohen has worked in partnership with the Wallingford Health Department, developing plans to ensure the safety of the School community and the town of Wallingford. In addition to coordinating staff for vaccine distribution, Dr. Cohen has also provided syringes and needles to use in the health department clinics.

For more information on obtaining a vaccine in the town of Wallingford, please visit the Town of Wallingford Health Department website.