Heather McGhee Presents Stevenson Lecture

On February 25 our annual Stevenson Lecture Series featured guest speaker, Heather McGhee.

Heather McGhee is a former president of Demos, a progressive "think-and-do" tank with aim to create a more inclusive democracy. She is now a Demos Distinguished Senior Fellow where her work continues to lead her to achievements that influence public policies and issues. She is currently writing a book to be published on the personal, economic and societal costs of racism in America.

McGhee's inspiring lecture on Tuesday emphasized the significance individual prejudices have on racism and how we may create a more inclusive America by sharing cultures and understanding on another. The topic encouraged students to ask questions and reflect on the meaning of diversity in America. Mr. Jonas Akins, Humanities Teacher who organized this year's lecture reflects, "Heather was able to use persuasive anecdotes to frame her larger research into the issues of inequality facing the nation today." Akins also notes appreciation for McGhee's candid anecdotes of her career in public policy. Her willingness to share her personal and professional advocacy is an inspiration for students to act on issues important to them.

The Adlai Stevenson Lecture Series is named after alumnus Adlai Stevenson II '18, Illinois governor, presidential candidate, and UN Ambassador. The lecture series brings speakers to campus who have made a distinguished contribution to public life and whose words and actions may inspire students to pursue public service.