JFK Centenary

The centenary of John F. Kennedy's birth will be celebrated on May 29, 2017 and throughout the year. In the spring 2017 issue of the Choate Rosemary Hall Bulletin, two contributors – Jeffrey Laikind '53 and Henry McNulty '65 – explore JFK's life and legacy. What was Jack Kennedy like as a roommate, someone who lived on your corridor or in your house, shared a class with you, or played on a team that you were on? What role did the young congressman play in shaping our modern-day curriculum by suggesting the introduction of a course in public affairs and government? We hope you enjoy this retrospective on John F. Kennedy '35.

Listen to a seldom-heard recording of remarks from Reunion Weekend 1963 (posted here) sent to The Choate School in which President Kennedy reminds us that "the inheritance of wealth creates responsibilities; so does privilege in education." The Kennedy legacy of service continues to be celebrated at Choate Rosemary Hall today.

Photo: Choate classmates, from left, Ralph "Rip" Horton, Jack Kennedy, and Lem Billings, outside of Moran's Pharmacy at the corner of North Main and Center Streets in Wallingford.