Lani Uyeno '19 Presents Concussion Research at International Conference
Lani Uyeno '19 Presents Concussion Research at International Conference

From March 13 through 16, Lani Uyeno '19 attended the International Brain Injury Association's 13th World Congress on Brain Injury conference in Toronto, presenting her research poster to a global community of 1,200 doctors and health care professionals from Australia, the U.S., Europe, and Canada.

Lani conducted her research as part of her Science Research Program (SRP). She conducted her SRP research at the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital's Concussion Center in Toronto, where she also volunteered in her junior year, and where she plans to return after graduation for a third summer of research work.

Her research focuses on how active rehabilitation may help decrease symptoms such as dizziness, headache, nausea, and fogginess in youth with persistent concussion symptoms. She says her research "contributes to the growing volume of scientific literature that dispels the previous, widely-held belief that the best way to recover from a concussion was to rest in a dark room," and suggests that individualized, active rehabilitation can help reduce motor symptoms after a concussion. Lani says that her study "consisted of low intensity aerobics, sport coordination drills and relaxation exercises. I used descriptive statistics to summarize demographic data of the participants and statistical analysis to determine the significance of our results."

A current Ice Hockey and Volleyball athlete at Choate, Lani grew up playing many other competitive sport. This sparked Lani's interest in brain injury treatment. When she suffered concussions, she was kept from her daily routine. She hopes her research can help individuals get back to their normal routines more quickly.

SRP is one of Choate's eight signature programs, giving students the opportunity to complete internships working under the guidance of a mentor scientist at a research facility. Dr. Selena Gell, SRP faculty adviser, says, "Working with Lani this fall was fantastic. Her passion for her topic was evident in all her work, but especially her excellent Student Lecture Series (SLS) presentation."

Lani attributes much of her interest and the next steps in her work to the SRP program. She comments, "SRP was integral in developing my interest in neuroscience and brain injury. Choate's Signature Programs are a great way for students to develop a specialized and focused intellectual interest that can be pursued at the college level and beyond."