Matriculation and Convocation Ceremonies

This year's Matriculation Ceremony was held on Monday, September 3. Head of School Alex D. Curtis welcomed new students. Head prefects Owen Collins '19 and Abigail Rivas '19 gave opening and closing remarks before new students formally signed the School Register pledging themselves to personal growth, integrity, self-discipline, and caring for others.

On Tuesday, September 4, Dr. Curtis convened 850 students representing 38 states and 42 countries, and faculty for the School's 129th Convocation. At the ceremony Dean of Faculty Katie Levesque announced the awarding of four faculty chairs to veteran teachers: language teachers Nancy S. Burress and Carol Chen-Lin respectively received the Courtenay Hemenway and Earl G. Leinbach Endowed Teaching Chairs, and History, Philosophy, Religion, and Social Sciences teachers Amy E. Salot and James P. Davidson respectively received the Charles and Phoebe Dey and Minicucci Family Endowed Teaching Chairs. In his Convocation remarks, Dr. Curtis challenged students to grow and evolve during their time at school: "The person you are today is not who you will be when you receive your Choate diploma. So, I ask you tonight – as you prepare to embark upon or renew your Choate journey: are you ready to grow? Are you willing to evolve? We believe you are." At the heart of that growth and evolution, he noted, is healthy development. He urged students to embrace core strengths for healthy development, such as self-regulation, tolerance and respect, in their efforts to build a healthy community.