Peter Singer, 2018 Charles Krause '51 Fellow in Rhetoric

Peter Singer, The Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics in the University Center for Human Values at Princeton University, and Choate's 2018 Charles Krause '51 Fellow in Rhetoric, spoke to students and faculty at an all-school special program on October 5.

As an introduction to the program, Choate's Chamber Chorus performed "The Life You Can Save," view here, composed by Gustav Alexandrie, with lyrics based on words from Singer's seminal work, Famine, Affluence, and Morality.

Singer, who currently splits his time between his native Australia and Princeton University, is a philosopher and ethicist who has written extensively on topics such as poverty, animal rights, and a concept called "effective altruism." Here is a link to his TED Talk:

Singer's book Animal Liberation is considered the foundation of the animal rights movement. He is also the founder and board chair of The Life You Can Save, a nonprofit that fights extreme poverty.

The History, Philosophy, Religion and Social Sciences department is hosting this year's Krause Fellow. The Krause Fellowship provides an academic department the opportunity to bring to campus an excellent public speaker who has made a distinguished contribution in his or her field and whose personal example may inspire others. In addition to supporting the Krause Lecture, the Krause Fund also supports the Student Pratt-Declamation Contest, and the Goodyear Presentations in World History.

In lieu of a receiving a speaking fee, Professor Singer asked that the funds be given to a charity of Choate's choosing. Students and faculty were surveyed and votes have been tallied. The organization that will receive a donation is the Against Malaria Foundation.