Programming for Choate Community Following the Chauvin Trial Verdict

On April 20, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of the murder of George Floyd. Choate recognizes the importance of this moment for our community and the country. In a schoolwide letter addressing the trial's outcome, Head of School Dr. Alex Curtis wrote, "I'd urge you not to see this verdict as the end of a conversation about justice, and the systems that support or undermine it, but rather as an inflection point—a significant historical event—that is part of an ongoing journey toward a more just and equitable society, a journey that each of us as citizens of this world and members of this community have a duty to support. Please keep educating yourself, asking hard questions, studying both history and current events, and working to promote justice and equity at Choate, in the many other communities of which you are a part, and in our world." Choate remains committed to supporting our students on and off campus. The Current Events Resources Group has assisted the School in coordinating the following student resources throughout the week:

  • Advisory Check-In
  • Affinity Spaces
  • Modified Academic Schedule
  • Community Art Project
  • Informational Resource Library

Students are encouraged to participate in the selection of programming outlined in the schoolwide email sent on April 20. This is a moment for continued reflection and learning.