Science Research Program Student Lecture Series

This past summer, 16 sixth form students in Choate's signature Science Research Program fanned out across the States and around the world to complete internships working under the guidance of a mentor scientist at a research facility. On November 6 and 8, these students shared 12-minute lectures about their groundbreaking work with the entire Choate community.

The Science Research Program (SRP) is one of Choate's eight signature academic programs. In the 15 years since its inception, SRP has doubled in size. In 2012, a physical science section was added. Says Dr. Chris Hogue, Co-Director of SRP, "Prior to 2012, almost 100% of the projects were purely biological/medical. Now we're closer to 60/40." This fall's presentation topics included: toxicology, neuroscience, bioengineering, organic chemistry, genetics, metabolism, neuropsychology, immunology, and cancer biology, and in the physical sciences, nanomagnetics, robotics, nanomaterials, satellite communications, and soft matter physics.

View a short video of sixth former Vincenzo DiNatale's summer laboratory work at Yale. Check out additional SRP short videos in the Fall 2018 Bulletin downloadable through the LAYAR app.