Study Abroad: A Signature Program

Seven Choate students are spending their winter term in Paris. The School offers opportunities for a full academic term of language immersion study in France, Spain, and China as well as cultural immersion study at St. Stephen's School in Rome, Italy, or at King's Academy in Madaba, Jordan. In the 2018-19 academic year, 24 students in total have chosen to spend a term away from Choate in the Study Abroad Program. Choate pioneered its Study Abroad program in France 45 years ago, in the 1974-75 school year.

Students arrived in Paris via the Paris RER express train line connecting Charles de Gaulle Airport in the surrounding suburbs to Paris city center. Students are busy moving from their host families to the school and beginning their in-country orientation with faculty members. The Academic Term in Paris immerses students in the study of France's history, art, language, literature, and culture. All classes are taught in French by native-French speakers. Students complement their academic immersion by living with host families. Visits to museums, cultural landmarks and excursions outside of Paris tops off their experience and extends learning beyond the classroom. Bonne aventure!