Sylvia Heisel '80 Visits Choate i.d.Lab

Sylvia Heisel '80 visited the Lin Family i.d.Lab on October 31 to talk to students about her vision for the future of fashion and textiles, which includes compostable materials, laser-printed fabrics, and more.

Sylvia is the fashion designer and creative director of HEISEL, working with new materials, manufacturing and physical computing for fashion and wearables. She is an expert on 3D printing, functional design for smart wearables and new materials manufacturing applications for fashion.

HEISEL is developing a methodology and fabrication system for design and manufacturing of 3D printed apparel. The company envisions zero waste clothes that are printed to order in closed loop materials.

Check out the HEISEL website and blog to keep up with current fashion! To see other Choate Alumni whose work has put a stamp on the world of fashion, check out the Fall Edition of the Bulletin here.