Choate Announces Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force

On July 17, in a letter to the Choate community, Dr. Alex Curtis announced the creation of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Task Force. The Task Force serves as a commitment to developing authentic, effective, and sustainable initiatives to ensure we create the most just, inclusive, and equitable Choate Rosemary Hall community possible. The School's Director of Equity & Inclusion, Dr. Rachel Myers, is leading an eleven-member group in the development of a plan of action that spans all elements of school life.

Members of the DEI Task Force include:

  • Dr. Rachel Myers, Directory of Equity & Inclusion
  • Ellen Devine, English Department Head
  • Roney Eford, Director of Athletics
  • Charlie Fuentes, Spanish Teacher
  • Raynetta Gibbs, Assistant Director of Counseling
  • Will Gilyard '98, Fourth Form Dean and Alumni Engagement Associate
  • Dr. Edrik Lopez, English Teacher
  • Kelly Lorraine '99, Assistant to the Director of the Mellon Arts Center
  • Cindy Okrah, HPRSS Humanities Teacher
  • Mike Velez '00, Dean of Students
  • Yuxin Xie, Science Teacher

The Task Force will execute in three phases. Phase I, the current phase, will focus on gathering data and information based on feedback from the Choate Rosemary Hall community. At the conclusion of The Task Force's work, an actionable report will be shared with the entire School community.

Phase II will work to provide opportunities for community members to provide feedback on drafted initiatives and policies through workshops with Task Force members. Workshop will take place in August.

Phase III of the Task Force will produce a final report to share with the full community and integrate with the new Strategic Plan.


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