Family Documents

Student Life Forms


Take time to review the following steps and to complete the forms required for the upcoming year. Please note that the Student Life Forms require acknowledgement from at least one parent.  Click the STUDENT LIFE CHECKLIST button to the right to begin the process.

  • Complete the Statement of Understanding and acknowledge your understanding of the Statement of Expectations.
  • Review and approve boarding and day student permissions.
  • Complete the iPad Form.

If you have any questions, please contact the Dean of Students’ Office at or (203) 697-2251.

Before You Begin:


Student Health Forms for 2019-2020


In order to deliver the best care for your Choate student, we ask that you provide updated health information each year. Detailed instructions for accessing forms and submitting information are available below. Please follow the step-by-step process for completing 2019-2020 student health forms by no later than August 1.



Login to the Choate Health Services Portal

Please log in to the Choate Health Services Portal using your Parents Portal username and password. Once logged in, select your student’s name and proceed to the Health Services Portal homepage for instructions on form completion.


Complete online health forms and print forms for providers

New Students

To be completed online in the portal:

  • New Student Health Form
  • Permission for Medical Treatment Form
  • Insurance Information Form
  • Insurance Waiver

Print for provider to complete:

Returning Students

Complete the following online forms:

  • Returning Student Health Form
  • Insurance Information Form (if your coverage has changed)
  • Insurance Waiver


Complete medication forms, as needed.

If your child takes prescription medication, please pay close attention to the major school rule regarding prescription medications. For all medications prescribed for your child, even if for a short time, you must complete an Authorization for the Administration of Medication Form and register the medicine with Choate Health Services. Arrangements will be made with our medical director for administration and prescription refills. If your child is taking a controlled medication, such as a stimulant for ADHD, please also complete the Controlled Medication Supplemental Form.


Provide proof of insurance

All students must have proof of health insurance coverage and maintain such coverage while enrolled at Choate. We ask parents or guardians to complete the Insurance Information Form (unless returning student coverage is unchanged), to provide a front and back copy of your insurance card, and to sign an Insurance Waiver. In signing the waiver, a parent or guardian acknowledges responsibility for health care costs or fees incurred by students while enrolled at Choate and not otherwise covered by a health insurance policy.

International students without coverage through a U.S. based insurance company must enroll in the Choate-sponsored insurance plan through Student Health Insurance Protection.

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer an insurance policy for domestic students for reasons reviewed in our important message about health insurance. ‌


Upload forms

Upload forms completed by providers/prescribers, a copy of the front and back of your insurance card, and any additional medical records through the Uploads page on the Health Services Portal by following these steps:

  1. Check to see that your child’s name and birthdate are on all documents
  2. Identify the document you are uploading using the drop-down list
  3. Browse to and select your file
  4. Click Upload
  • If you need assistance with login, please contact Choate's Help Desk at or (203) 697-2572.
  • If you have questions about health forms or would like to discuss specifics about your child's health or required care, please contact Choate Health Services at (203) 697-2203 or at

New Student Registration

Please take time to review the following steps and documents required to register new students for the upcoming year. New student registration documents are due by May 28. Click the REGISTRATION CHECKLIST button to the right to begin the registration process.

  • Request an Official Transcript from the appropriate representative at your student’s current school.
  • In consultation with your student, complete the Course and Athletics Request Form in one sitting. Partially completed forms cannot be saved for later. Follow the Course Registration Instructions and consult the 2019-2020 Course Catalogue as needed.
  • Upload a PDF or JPG copy of your student’s current report card.
  • Send the Mathematics Teacher Placement Questionnaire to your student’s current mathematics teacher.
  • Send the Language Teacher Placement Questionnaire to your student’s current language teacher.
  • If your child needs academic accommodations, complete the Reasonable Accommodation Request form and return it along with supporting paperwork to Choate.
  • If applicable, request the History Teacher Questionnaire, and upload a Graded Critical Essay and a Course Syllabus from your student’s current history course.
  • Guide your student to find time and an appropriate place to take the appropriate Language and Mathematics Placement Tests. Placement test instructions and expectations are available through the New Student Portal.

Before you begin:


If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar’s Office at or (203) 697-2250.

Returning Student Enrollment For 2019-2020

To enroll your returning student for the upcoming year, please complete the following steps:



Read Important Information About Enrollment, Tuition and Payment Options:


Review and Sign the Enrollment Contract

Click the button to review the Enrollment Contract and apply your electronic signature. Please note: You will not be able to complete this process without an electronic signature on file. To file your electronic signature, click the “Enrollment Contract” button below and follow the instructions.


Pay the Non-Refundable Deposit

Deposits should be paid through ChoatePAY, however checks may also be sent to the Financial Office. Note: Your specific deposit amount is noted on each student’s enrollment contract.


Music Lessons Contract

If applicable, complete the Music Lessons Contract form.

Questions about enrollment may be directed to the following departments:
  • Financial aid: Admission Office (203) 697-2239
  • Tuition, fees, charges, and payment options: Financial Office (203) 697-2536
  • Music lessons: Paul Mellon Arts Center (203) 697-2035