Reopening Choate

We plan to resume teaching and learning on campus this fall, and we look forward to having both new and returning students here in Wallingford. Though the plans we lay out here represent our most up-to-date thinking about the year to come, please check back frequently as these plans are subject to change in response to evolving circumstances.

March 17, 2020
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has made the recommendation that no gathering of 50 or more people take place for the next eight weeks to slow the spread of the virus. We believe that this is worthy advice and that Choate should act in accordance with this recommendation even though the CDC allows exceptions for schools. Given that eight weeks would bring us to within a week of the end of the term, and with the health of our entire community and that of the world around us in mind, we have decided that remote learning will now extend through the entire spring term and, therefore, we will not open campus for the remainder of the academic year. In order to give our faculty ample time to prepare for a longer period of remote learning, the first day of spring term classes will now be Friday, March 27.  

Frequently Asked Questions

To students, parents, and guardians – Do not make plans for travel to and from campus for proposed vacations and breaks that cannot be changed. The school calendar is subject to change based on prevalent conditions.


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Choate Contacts

Questions about enrollment?
Contact Jeffrey Beaton, Director of Admission 

Questions about financial aid?
Contact Matt McDonald, Director of Financial Aid 

Questions about health care?
Contact Miriam Cohen, Medical Director

Questions about your international student?
Contact Libby Peard, Director of International Students 

Questions about learning remotely for the year?
Contact Mike Velez, Dean of Students