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Investigator's Report

Reporting Resources

Current students, faculty or staff may make a report of sexual misconduct by contacting:

Holly Hinderlie, Wellness Coordinator or (203) 697-2374.

In the unlikely event that the Wellness Coordinator cannot be contacted, a student may reach out to any of the following, who will provide immediate assistance:

Choate Community Safety (203) 697-2000 or (203) 697-2466
Dean on Duty (203) 430-0649 or (203) 430-1659
Or, any trusted adult.

Alumni may make a report of sexual misconduct during their time at school by contacting:

Kathleen Wallace, Associate Head of School or (203) 697-2496.

Alumni who wish to access a therapy fund that has been established to support alumni who want help paying for current therapy needed because of adult sexual misconduct they experienced during their time at Choate should call RAINN’s Choate-specific line at (888) 227-0498. Click here for additional information about the therapy fund.


Immediate crisis counseling is available for students at Pratt Health Center and for faculty, staff, and alumni through RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) at (800) 656-4673 or

All communication will be handled in a private manner.