Safe + Sounder: Choate's COVID-19 Response Plan

Informed by the School’s mission and the guiding principles to create the most Choate-like experience possible—academically, residentially, and professionally—our reopening plan is built upon the understanding that the safety and well-being of our community is of utmost importance. Science, technology, education, and partnership are the cornerstones of our plan. Here you will find important aspects of the plan that will allow us to resume living and learning together.

Safe and Sounder


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Instructions how to update alert levels:

Toggle the "hide" class on any of the panels below to hide/unhide (instructions below). When in Compose mode, a red, dashed outline will indicate whether it's hidden on the front end.

  1. Click the gear icon of the appropriate Content Element
  2. Expand the Design panel
  3. In the Custom Class field, add or remove the class of "hide"

For reference, each panel has one of the following classes on them which styles them:

  • Blue:  bg-primary
  • Yellow/Gold:  bg-secondary
  • Orange:  bg-warning
  • Red:  bg-alert

Current COVID-19 Alert Level on Campus:

Blue: New Normal

Learn about Alert Levels

Current COVID-19 Alert Level on Campus:

Yellow: Lower Risk

Learn about Alert Levels

Current COVID-19 Alert Level on Campus:

Orange: Moderate Risk

Learn about Alert Levels

Current COVID-19 Alert Level on Campus:

Red: Highest Risk

Learn about Alert Levels

Return-to-Campus Protocol Status:


Learn about Alert Levels

COVID-19 Testing Data


Town Warning Levels

Dependent upon current conditions in their hometown, Choate day students and families have been asked to follow additional mitigating guidelines as noted below. Day families should check this dashboard each evening for the most current data.

Choate COVID-19 Alert Levels

Despite all the safety protocols Choate has in place, we are not likely to completely eliminate the spread of the virus causing COVID-19 on our campus. Also, due to the high level of testing we are committed to perform to prevent transmission of the virus and the low prevalence of disease in Connecticut, we are likely to have false positive test results.

We are monitoring, in partnership with the Wallingford and Connecticut Departments of Health, a variety of indicators to determine what restrictions need to be in place on campus to keep our community Safe + Sounder depending on the level of risk for infection in our community and all the communities our students, faculty, and staff are coming from.

Indicators used to determine alert levels include:

  • Number of cases of COVID-19 on campus
  • Pratt Health Center capacity
  • Local hospital capacity
  • Community spread of SARS-CoV-2 throughout Connecticut as defined in cases per 100,000 and positivity rate.
  • Resource availability for PPE and testing


Frequently Asked Questions


To students, parents, and guardians – Do not make plans for travel to and from campus for proposed vacations and breaks that cannot be changed. The school calendar is subject to change based on prevalent conditions.


COVID-19 Communications


academic year calendar

Tentative dates for the 2020-2021 academic year can be found on the academic calendar. All plans are subject to change based on current conditions; please check back frequently.


Choate Contacts

Questions about enrollment?
Contact Jeffrey Beaton, Director of Admission 

Questions about financial aid?
Contact Matt McDonald, Director of Financial Aid 

Questions about health care?
Contact Miriam Cohen, Medical Director

Questions about your international student?
Contact Libby Peard, Director of International Students 

Questions about learning remotely for the year?
Contact Mike Velez, Dean of Students