• 6-week
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Art as Life in Drawing

This introductory studio course includes a number of presentations on various artistic movements and stylistic trends within recent centuries. Students use traditional pencils, colored pencils, charcoal, and ink to create imagery as personal responses to these discussions.

Some examples of topics covered include: Traditional Western and Asian conceptions of spatial relationships; Impressionism and color perception; Cubism and the reconstruction of objects; Surrealism and the power of dream imagery.

Students create fantasy compositions based on the free association of imagery, and explore basic concepts of line, form, and composition.

Through the study of the key elements of still life, portraiture, and landscape, students are taught how to see and mix color, modulate values, and develop form.

Assignments are based on traditional and contemporary techniques and are designed to stimulate imagination and technical facility. Emphasis is placed on individual growth and development.

Note: Students will receive a short list of any supplies needed prior to the start of the course.

  • 6-week
  • Block 6
  • Middle School

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