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Digital Movie Making

This class takes students through the pre-production, production, and post-production steps in the creation of video projects. In pre-production, students plan, script, and storyboard their ideas.

In production, students use their smartphone cameras to collect images and video that communicate a story to the audience. Camera technique and control, balanced with good composition, are mastered in conjunction with audio editing and basic music production, so that ideas can be effectively expressed to an audience.

In post-production editing, students blend together a variety of captured and researched media with their phones and laptops, using creative combinations of technologies, as well as online collaborative techniques in multimedia production.

Student projects involve individual and group creations including music videos, mock commercials, basic visual effects, and video blogs.

At the end of the session, projects are presented and preserved online.

Note: A Macbook, iMac, or iPad is required. We recommend the computer/iPad is no older than four years. Choate provides software and licenses. Matriculating and current Choate students who wish to take the course to fulfill a diploma requirement must first obtain permission from the academic year Arts department head as part of the application process for Summer Programs, and must then comply with all attendance and course expectations. The Arts department head will determine final eligibility for diploma credit based upon the student’s successful completion of the course.

  • 6-week
  • Block 6
  • Choate Diploma Credit
  • High School

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