• 6-week
  • Course
Digital Photography & Imaging

The goal for this course is to teach young photographers how to tell an engaging story with their pictures. Emphasis is placed on the principles of good composition and how to find the most effective ways for framing shots.

The subjects for projects range from the “selfie,” the portrait, to more abstract concepts such as light and patterns, use of creative color correction techniques, and expansive artistic effects.

While students are encouraged to use a dedicated digital camera, all the techniques and tools are completely accessible with smartphone cameras.

Post-production editing is explored using a range of tools on smartphones and computers.

At the end of the session, a portfolio of student images is presented and available in an online gallery.

Note: A Macbook or iMac running Mac OS X Mojave, Catalina, or Big Sur; or a Windows 10 based laptop or desktop is required. We recommend the computer is no older than four years. Choate provides software and licenses.

  • 6-week
  • Block 7
  • Middle School

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