• 3-week
  • Course
Musical Theater History, Song, & Technique

This introductory course delves into the rich history of musical theater starting with grand opera from the Italian renaissance in the 16th century to Vaudeville shows in the 19th century to present day musicals like “Dear Evan Hansen” and “Hamilton.” Students explore musicals from each period and examine the differences in styles from acting, singing, dancing, and staging.

Each student has an opportunity to choose a musical theater song to learn from any time period. The class then examines and analyzes each student’s song as a monologue to understand the character objectives, and studies how to integrate the body and voice to sing using good vocal technique.

Students have the opportunity to perform their song for each other (if they wish) during the session.

No prior music training is required.

  • 3-week
  • Block 1
  • High School & Middle School
  • Sessions I & II

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