• 3-week
  • New for 2021
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Creative Writing Workshop

Note: This workshop requires a two-block commitment—either 3 & 4 or 7 & 8.

This three-week workshop explores multiple forms of creative writing and allows young writers to find their inner poet, memoirist, playwright, or storyteller. With a focus on drafting, revising, and final polish, students explore various genres through fun and creative exercises, inspiring mentor texts, and in-class activities aimed at producing and sharing work frequently.

Students receive instruction in all stages of the planning and writing process: from finding inspiration and using a writer's notebook, to selecting a seed idea, brainstorming, and drafting. Along the way, instructors provide guidance in making decisions about genre, structure, language, and voice. Workshop sessions focus on the importance of word choice, sentence type, detail and description, plot, conflict, character, and figurative language.

Students receive one-on-one guidance, work closely alongside their peers, and showcase their writing in a final reading and portfolio of their best work. Individual freedom, artistic vision, and purposeful revision are some of the pillars of this course, as students find their voice and learn how best to put pen to page to express their ideas.

Readings, which complement the varied writing assignments, may include journalism, short stories, essays, and poems.

  • 3-week
  • Academic Bridge Class
  • Block 3
  • Block 4
  • Block 7
  • Block 8
  • High School
  • New for 2021
  • Sessions I & II

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