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  • New for 2021
Multidisciplinary Research Methods

This multidisciplinary course provides an opportunity for an independent learning experience. It allows students to investigate an area in which they can demonstrate aptitude and interest. Projects are initiated and designed by individual students and the teacher. All projects must result in a culminating project. Examples of culminating projects include PowerPoint presentations, papers, and portfolios.

Students draw from a diverse range of academic disciplines and methodologies to have a good grasp of the topic they choose to investigate.

The course exposes students to various sources (primary, secondary, and tertiary), and teaches them how to navigate these sources and see things through different lenses.

Students learn the steps involved in developing and writing a thesis-level project, proper academic citation, and how to write research questions.

Note: This course is ideal for students who will have completed the U.S. equivalent of grades 10 or 11 by the start of Summer Programs and who are looking to challenge themselves and broaden their academic curriculum.

  • 6-week
  • Block 7
  • High School
  • New for 2021

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