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Social Justice: Past, Present, and Future

Note: This workshop requires a two-block commitment—3 & 4

What can we learn about our societies in the face of the many socio-economic and racial injustices that have been exposed throughout 2020 as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement? How can we live our lives centered in anti-racism to bring about equity, inclusion, understanding, and healing?

This three-week program explores the history of systemic racism that continues to oppress and disenfranchise BIPOC populations and communities around the globe. Students reflect on difficult questions raised in assigned readings, movies, and podcasts, and have the opportunity to hear first-hand testimony of the challenges facing marginalized populations.

Using analytical and reflective skills, students identify areas in which their own population may be underserved, and craft a plan of action.

Upon completing the program, students are armed with a tool belt to discuss the impact of socioeconomic inequities, including food insecurity, environmental and housing justice, LGBTQ+ rights, access to healthcare, and rights for refugees to name just a few topics that will be explored.

Social Justice: Past, Present, and Future aims to inspire students to become more aware, to listen and act with empathy and kindness, and to advocate for those living with insecurity and vulnerability in hopes of crafting more sustainable solutions for a more just world.


Matriculating and current Choate students who wish to earn Choate community service credit while participating in Social Justice: Past, Present, and Future must have permission from the Community Service Director, comply with parameters set forth by the Director on the first day of class, and adhere to all attendance and course expectations.

The Community Service Director will determine final eligibility for service hour credit (up to 10 hours) based upon the student’s successful completion of online or in-person community service, outside of class time and as permitted by authorities and healthcare providers in the student’s local area.

For additional information, please contact the Director of Community Service.

  • 3-week
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  • New for 2021
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