• 3-week
  • Course
Games and Strategy

Through playing and discussing a variety of games, students explore the foundations of game theory, the mathematical study of competition and cooperation. Students play a mix of traditional games such as checkers, chess, Risk, and Monopoly, along with a number of math-focused games including Nim, Konane, and Hex. Students are taught throughout the course how to think strategically and to ask important questions regarding different strategies: Which ones make winning most likely? How important is an initial move in this game? Why do certain strategies work in one instance and fail in another? If you can’t win, can you force a draw?

The course also examines the historical context in which these mathematical concepts were developed and encourages students to see the wider world through a critical, mathematic, and strategic lens.

  • 3-week
  • Block 6
  • Middle School
  • Sessions I & II

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