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Immersion Geometry

Note: This course requires a four-block commitment—2, 3, 5, 6.

This intensive course covers the standard year-long geometry curriculum. At a brisk pace, students explore the fundamentals of Euclidean geometry as well as various applications of these concepts in the real world. As time permits, algebra is incorporated to help students review and strengthen their problem-solving skills.

After gaining experience making conjectures and testing hypotheses, students progress to writing formal deductive proofs, using paragraphs as well as the two-column format.

In order to complete this year-long course in the summer, students attend four online class blocks a day (two in the morning EDT and two in the afternoon EDT).

This course is appropriate for highly motivated students who have completed Algebra I.

Note: An iPad with Notability is required.

Students in Immersion Geometry receive a traditional letter grade which is included on the Summer Transcript.

Choate students who successfully complete this course may fulfill the diploma requirement in geometry.

Returning and matriculating students entering the fourth form who have not yet completed a geometry course may choose this course for that purpose. Students entering the third form are generally not approved to take this course.

In all cases, students must first obtain permission to take the course for credit from the academic year Mathematics and Computer Sciences department head, and then must comply with all attendance and course expectations. The Math department head will determine final eligibility for diploma credit based upon the student’s successful completion of the course.

  • 6-week
  • $7800
  • Block 2
  • Block 3
  • Block 5
  • Block 6
  • Choate Diploma Credit
  • High School
  • Immersion Geometry

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