• 3-week
  • Workshop
Concepts in Chemistry, Workshop

Session I: This workshop requires a two-block commitment—2 & 3
Session II: This workshop requires a two-block commitment—3 & 4

Designed as an introduction to some of the central concepts in first-year chemistry courses, this workshop exposes students to some of the more challenging parts of the traditional chemistry curriculum so they have a greater chance for success.

Discussion of concepts is supplemented with virtual laboratory experiments and other collaborative activities. Proper problem-solving techniques are emphasized in those segments dealing with quantitative analysis.

Some topics covered include chemical equation writing and predicting products, mole conversions, and stoichiometry. Prerequisite: Algebra I.

Note: A scientific calculator is required.

  • 3-week
  • Academic Bridge Class
  • Block 2
  • Block 3
  • Block 4
  • High School
  • Sessions I & II
  • Workshop

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