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Current Topics in Biology

Newspapers, news reports, weekly magazines, best-selling books, and hit movies increasingly address current issues in biology: the ethics of genetics research; advances in reproductive technology; the controversy surrounding global warming; increasing bacterial resistance to antibiotics; the many uses and manipulations of DNA; HIV and AIDS incidence and research; the emergence of new diseases; and human impact on the environment, to name a few.

This courses draws on the current literature to study some of these important and interesting topics. The course stresses both individual and group work, with each student responsible for two significant projects.

Note: Open to students who will have completed the U.S. equivalent of grades 10 or 11 by the start of Summer Programs and who have completed or are currently enrolled in biology.

Matriculating and current Choate students who wish to take the course to fulfill the diploma requirement in contemporary global studies must first obtain permission from the academic year Science department head as part of the application process for Summer Programs, and must then comply with all attendance and course expectations. The Science department head will determine final eligibility for diploma credit based upon the student’s successful completion of the course.

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  • New for 2021

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