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  • New For 2021
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KEC Environmental Science Workshop

Note: This workshop requires a two-block commitment—2 & 3

This three-week workshop is designed to educate and inspire middle school students who are interested in environmental science. Choate’s USGBC LEED-Platinum certified and net-zero energy Kohler Environmental Center (KEC) features in the online experience.

Study of the interrelationships between human activities and the environment concentrates on three areas: the generation and use of energy, climate change and biogeochemical cycles, and patterns of resource use.

The course emphasizes the challenges of contemporary environmental issues and considers science-based solutions. Ecological principles as well as relevant concepts from biology, chemistry, and physics are integrated throughout the program.

In addition to examining regional or global examples, students are guided to investigate topics within their home communities.

  • Block 2
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  • Middle School
  • New for 2021
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