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ACT Test Prep

The ACT class, offered by Pillars of Learning, provides a unique and proprietary data-driven approach which has produced the most efficient score-improvement model to date. Unlike most test preparation which is built on “strategies”, our methodology is research-backed and the results speak for themselves.

Over the past four years, our students average 4.2 pts composite score improvement.

The class itself consists of 11 remote sessions of instructional lecture and group work along with two opportunities for practice tests, which can be taken synchronously with a remote proctor or asynchronously.

While the first week of classes introduces critical information before the first practice test, the remaining classes are entirely unique to each class, built on class trend.

The second and third weeks of the course pinpoint exactly what students need to be doing to shift established patterns of cognition, rather than drilling content.

All test results and tailored recommendations for how to continue preparing up until the next test date are emailed to both parent and student when the course concludes.

Students receive all requisite test materials including practice tests and customized worksheets.

  • 3-week
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  • High School
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