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Workshops offer students the ability to have an immersive learning experience in a subject of their choosing. Topics range from Concepts in Chemistry to Creative Writing and meet for roughly the equivalent of 3 class periods, 6 days a week.Workshops are taught by a talented array of Choate faculty, professors, professional artists, and experienced educators. Afternoons and weekends are filled with activities, athletics, and special events organized by the Choate Student Activities Center.

Daily Schedule

Workshop Boarding Students

All Boarding Students live in Choate Rosemary Hall dorms staffed with a Head of House and resident advisers who help to build community, support healthy study habits, and guide students through the residential life experience. Students may opt to add test preparation for the SAT or SSAT for a fee. 

Workshop Day Students

Day Students who reside close enough to commute to campus for workshops are welcome to do so. Day students may choose to participate in afternoon activities, athletics, and weekend trips; however, they are not required. Students may opt to add test preparation for the SAT or SSAT for a fee. 

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Workshop Descriptions

Workshop 2023 2

My teacher was fun, funny, and really knowledgeable. She was also inspiring. Now I know what I want to do in high school, and beyond. I also loved getting the chance to run the lights and sound during my afternoon theater activity. No one else had any experience, so my teacher let me design what was needed and run the booth.

—2023 Workshop student
Workshop 2023 1

The two-week workshop my middle schooler took through Choate Summer Programs was incredible. Excellent facilities, inspiring instruction, and the chance to learn with other kids who share his passion made his experience second to none. He thrived!

Learning and living with other students from around the world opened my son’s eyes to new perspectives and gave him a taste of what it might be like to attend boarding school. Choate’s summer faculty offered him caring support in the dorm and excellent instruction in the classrooms. 

—Parent of a 2023 Workshop student
Writing 2022 2

I tried different styles of writing and stepped outside of my comfort zone to do it. I hadn't written many persuasive essays before, and I did one that I actually really enjoyed. I also met and interacted with kids I wouldn't normally on an everyday basis. Regardless of where they were from, or what interests they had, we all had something in common. —2022 Writing Workshop Student