Young Artists Summer Programs

The Choate Young Artists Programs in Performing and Visual Arts seek to develop an appreciation for live theater and visual arts in all of our young artists.

Each Young Artist is given an opportunity to find and develop their own passion and talent. All sessions are online and start with an introduction to each art-form and the means to find inspiration. The second half is dedicated to creativity and collaboration. Students write their own scripts, construct their own dances, arrange their own music, and design their own original works of art! Themes are built into each session to give purpose and guidance, while also allowing young artists to understand and experience how each art form is reliant and supportive of all the other art forms. A recording of each student's work will be produced and shared at the end of each session. 

2020 Session Information


Visual Arts Laboratory

Children Currently in Grades 5 - 7

This program provides students with the opportunity to experience multiple visual arts mediums with hands-on experiences. Each class will meet for 60 minutes, encouraging students to have a well-rounded experience in the visual arts.

  • Digital Art and Photography – Students will learn how to tell stories using photos and will learn photography techniques for smartphone and/or tablet cameras.
  • Animation – Students will bring their own characters, scenes, and stories to life through traditional media, stop-motion, and digital drawing. 
  • Surface Design and Collage – Students will be introduced to basic printmaking techniques using household materials, and will experiment with collage and image-making using non-traditional media.
  • Drawing and Painting – Students learn how to draw and paint using pencils, pens, and acrylics.
Choate Summer Programs Visual Art


Children Currently in Grades K & 1

In this program, students are introduced to the basic skills of theater and visual arts. Students uncover their innate creativity and their imaginations are sparked through the use of dramatic play, improvisation, theater games, drawing, sculpting, and painting in activities designed for early elementary school level.

Young Artists Junior Visionaries


Children Currently in Grades 2 - 7

In this program, students gain foundation skills in drawing, painting, cartooning, acting, singing, dance, theater games, improvisation, voice projection, mask-making, and movement. These skills help students create characters and scenes for the stage, while allowing self-motivation and confidence to grow in a noncompetitive atmosphere.

A recording of each student's work will be produced and shared at the end of each session.

Young Artists Rising Visionaries

Dates, Times, & Fees

Session I – June 29 – July 17
Session II – July 20 – August 7

Students will attend 2 classes a day
Class 1 – 10:00am-11:00am
Class 2 – 11:30am-12:30pm

Cost: $275 per session

10% sibling discount for each additional child.


Please contact Carol Jones, Young Artists Director, at