Choate Rosemary Hall is using E-Parchment for an easy and secure way to manage your transcript credentials.

To Request a Transcript

3rd, 4th, 5th formers, and Alumni— please follow the instructions below:

All transcripts for 6th formers are handled through the College Counseling Office.

  1. Click the link below to Parchment.
  2. Login to Parchment (Register if you do not have an account).
    a. Warning - please do not use your Facebook or other social media account to create a Parchment account.
  3. Once registered, find the school(s) where you'd like your materials sent.
    a. If you would like a copy of your unofficial transcript to be stored in your account, please make sure to check the box authorizing such, before clicking "Consent and Request".
  4. An unofficial transcript may be requested for personal use at any time. Official transcripts are sent directly to schools, institutions or programs.
  5. Submit your request
If you have any questions, please email or call Registrar’s Office at or (203) 697-2250.