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Community Engagement

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At Choate Rosemary Hall, service is more than a diploma requirement; it is an essential element of a well-rounded education. Service to others supports the mission and values of our School by facilitating personal growth, increasing global awareness, and promoting inclusive communities.

The goal of our community service program is to inspire and empower all Choate students to positively impact local and global communities through outreach and local engagement. Through this work we encourage students to cultivate an awareness of the needs of others, to commit to constructive action for the common good, and to recognize their own potential to affect meaningful change in the world.

School-Wide Community Service Day

people waiting for school busses lined up

Our School community has participated in an annual school-wide service day since 1912. Over 1,100 faculty, staff and students devote a fall day in service to others at numerous organizations across Wallingford and New Haven County. 

American Red Cross | Connecticut Autism Spectrum Resource Center | Connecticut Food Share | Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen | Emergency relief partners; St Michael the Archangel Church, KAHEV, White Helmets, Mercy USA | GLOW | HUBCAP Wallingford | Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services | Loaves and Fishes | Masonicare, Gaylord & Ashlar Village Rehabilitation Center, Regency House Convalescent Center and MidState Medical Center | Master’s Manna | New Haven Reads | North Branford Land Conservation Trust |
Rotary Club of Wallingford | Sanctuary Kitchen | Spanish Community of Wallingford (SCOW) | Squash Haven | The Learning Community | United Way of Wallingford | Wallingford Center Inc. | Wallingford Center YMCA | Wallingford Emergency Shelter | Wallingford Public Library | Wallingford Public Schools | Wallingford Quinnipiac River Linear Trail Association | Wallingford Senior Center
Carol Byer-Alcorace

Sanctuary Kitchen has thoroughly enjoyed having the Choate students choose to do their community service with us. They have been wonderful, polite and inquisitive participants when visiting us and a great help in the kitchen! We look forward to their assistance every time. It is a highlight for the chefs to know they have arrived!—Carol Byer-Alcorace, Sanctuary Kitchen

Beyond Community Service Day 

Each year, Choate community members complete an estimated 5,000 community service hours beyond what is required by our students. That means that as a community, we volunteer over 13,600 hours each year. We are proud to serve by...

  • Learning about the needs of our communities in the classroom, and in courses like Service as Social Justice.
  • Tutoring and mentoring local youth through programs like Reading Buddies and Teach Music. 
  • Sorting and packing food locally at the Connecticut Food Bank, or nationally for Harvest Pack. 
  • Skating and swimming with local residents as part of Wallingford Park & Recreation access programs. 
  • Raising funds and awareness for homelessness, autism and cancer research. Hosting and volunteering for annual walks and runs. 
  • Researching the history of local enslaved people in partnership with the Wallingford Preservation Trust and the Witness Stones Project. 
  • Building homes with Habitat for Humanity. 
  • And much, much more.

We believe that service:

  • encourages students to develop a deeper understanding of their own identity and privileges.
  • promotes empathetic engagement and collaboration between individuals both within and beyond Choate’s diverse community.
  • teaches awareness of social justice, civic responsibility, and environmental stewardship.
  • facilitates participation in solutions to real world problems.
  • fosters a lifelong commitment to thoughtful and responsible action.

From our Community Service Mission Statement

Daisy López, SCOW

Choate Rosemary Hall’s commitment to serving the community has shown repeatedly through its partnership with SCOW. Throughout the years, Choate’s faculty and students have helped hundreds of families directly and indirectly through their many programs and initiatives. Choate instills the importance of inclusivity and community service through their diverse efforts. Over the years, Choate’s students have provided STEM enrichment, art, language, music, and tutoring programs for our SCOW families at no cost. They go above and beyond to make sure the community gets opportunities they otherwise would not. —Daisy López, SCOW Program Director

Wallingford Symphony Orchestra

Local Partnerships

We are committed to working with local organizations to support the health, wellbeing and vitality of our community.

Our PArtners

Interest in working with us?

Contact Melissa Koomson, Director of Community Service at (203) 697-2652

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Economic Impact

Choate Rosemary Hall contributes over 13,000 hours in service to the local community each year. 

Our Impact

Strategic Plan

“We will develop good character in our students and promote respect for equity and fairness, responsible citizenship, wellness, and an innovative and positive approach to the future. —Choate Rosemary Hall 2021 Strategic Plan