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Screenshot of the redesigned website's homepage on devices

We have a new look!

We ask our students, faculty, and staff to push the limits. To imagine bigger, work smarter, and become the best version of themselves. We looked at our website and thought, “Why shouldn’t we?

Starting with community feedback and inspired by an updated brand message, we looked deeper at functionality, user experience, and accessibility to revise the website into a tool that will attract students, parents, and faculty interested in joining us in Wallingford.

Always motivated to differentiate Choate, we have developed a site that is mobile-centric, media-rich, and focused on our stories. Our goal with this redesign was to do what the entire community does every day: push boundaries and strive to be its best.

With these changes, we hope not only to serve you better, but to inspire the next generation of students to discover what makes us uniquely Choate. 

Design and Content Enhancements

How do you really get a feel for a School and all it has to offer through a website? That is a question we ask ourselves all the time.

We know there is no replacement for a campus visit, but we hope this website, with its engaging profiles, dynamic media, and sleek design, will help prospective students, parents and the public get a sense of what we are all about. We’re creative, we’re bold, we’re evolving and we’re always moving forward, never holding back. 

User Experience (UX) Enhancements


Over 50% of our site visitors use a mobile device! Our redesign aims to improve UX by designing mobile-first. It features a user interface (UI) designed to optimize one-handed browsing by placing the main toolbar at the bottom & keeping its height compact. Our fonts are large and easily scannable. 

Easier access

  • Menus & Navigation 
  • Popular pages like Login, Calendar, and Search
  • Commonly searched pages/resources


Everybody should have access to the same content, but often websites fall short of complying with accessibility standards. We, and our website vendor Finalsite, put accessibility at the top of the list, and are proud that anyone can easily view all of our information and resources. 

We would love to hear from you!

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A demo of the mobile search bar

A demo of the mobile menu